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Age: 18 years
Vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons, with no more than 8 seats except the driver's seat, which may be connected to the trailer axes mass not exceeding 750 kg, provided the greatest weight of the vehicle combination does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

Also entitles to drive vehicles with automatic transmission in Group A1 and all vehicles assigned to the B1 and AM. After reaching the age of 21 years authorizes also to control the three-wheelers classified in Group A.

We also provide driving condition.

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Group B


  • Number of rides: 28
  • Hours per week: 6-8
  • Hours of theory: Unlimited
  • Installment from: 50% of the course price
  • Automatic transmission without extra charge
  • E-lerning courses for free.
    1 sick day included
  • 32.000CZK

The progress of the course

Theoretical training

Before setting off, you need to learn the rules of traffic. Home Prepare you through self-study and visiting lectures on theory.

Total course content is 5 lectures after 90minutách and one lecture on hygiene.

Before rides need to attend at least one lecture.

Control test

After graduating minimum theoretical training, you must pass tests in at least 85% with the result.

will undergo tests on a platform to which you are assigned upon registration in auto access data.

the results of the tests has access to your instructor that you can check on how you are.


The standard number of rides is 28 duration of each is 45 minutes.

Training starts on a modern 3D simulator, which simulates the behavior of a real car.

After graduating rides on simulator, you will go to the park and then in the real traffic.

Ride to arranged directly with the instructor.


The test consists of:
Test of the rules of the road - in length of 30min. Ride - 30min.
Exam should take place within 15 days from the date of your last ride.
The term tests allocates City Hall. m. Prague.
In the event that in some parts of the tests fail, repeat only that part of it, when you have been unsuccessful.
Xou can practice the test on the website of the Ministry of Transport here:



How to sign up? ... it's that simple.

1. Fill out the online registration form, which you can find here after logging in to print the received form for the medical examination.
2. Cause doctors to confirm-the only practical, circuit, racing, or doctor, the confirmation may not be older than 3 months.
3. Fill in the application form (by hand or directly in the PC and print), you can fill in the in box of the course until the opening day of the group directly in the ASH.
4. Contact us on phone + 420,245,019,801 or + 420,777,995,995.

At the start of your training to bring the application, confirmation from a doctor and the money to pay school fees (backup or full tuition).

What are the conditions for obtaining a driving licence, you must satisfy the?

• age min. 18 years (on the day of their training-start training you can already half a year before then)
• demonstrate medical fitness (GP)
• submit a valid application for driving licence

Teaching and Training in a driving school:

the length of training depends on the capabilities of the applicant, of the law is the minimum number of 28hodin.
Individual training can be accelerated to 16 days.
One lesson lasts 45 minutes.
The Tenderer shall order the driving hours from their time, can graduate more than two practical hours per day (training in the training vehicle, or on the Simulator).

It is important that the candidate was in all respects ready for participation in road traffic. Therefore, for us, we make sure that you get for your money, what you are entitled to.

Teaching-theory (most often the individual form and consultation):

• 5 hours: tutorial the rules on the use of vehicles
• hours: tutorial on the operation and maintenance of vehicles
• 3 hours: teaching control theory and safe driving policy
• 1 hour: teaching medical training
• 1 hour: repetition and the examination

Training-practice (in the vehicle driving school):

• 28 hours (including 4 pm on automobile driving simulator): training in vehicle driving (3 phases), including training in critical situations
• 4 hours: practical training, medical training

Final exam in driving school:

Test driving is divided into 2 parts:
And the rules on the operation of on the road (1 test in the computer room of the municipality-maintenance department ul. Over Vršovskou mountain, 30 min.)
(B) of the practical driving (in the presence of the Commissioner and in the test of our driving school, 30 min.)



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