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What can I drive?

Age: 18 years

Motor vehicles with a weight of up to 3.5 tons, with a maximum of 8 seats in addition to the driver's seat, to which a trailer with a weight not exceeding 750 kg may be connected, if the maximum weight of this vehicle combination does not exceed 3.5 tons.

It also entitles you to drive vehicles with automatic transmission classified in group A1 and all vehicles classified in B1 and AM. After reaching the age of 21, it also entitles you to drive three-wheeled vehicles classified in group A.

We also provide fitness rides.
1. Fill in the online registration form, which you can find here on the website. Print the received application and the medical certificate of medical fitness to drive motor vehicles.
2. Go to the doctor for a confirmation - only a general practitioner, district, racing or treating doctor, the confirmation must not be older than 3 months on the day of registration for the driving school.
3. Contact us on 777995995 or directly visit the driving school during opening hours and bring an application form, a doctor's note and money to pay school fees (advance or full school fees).

Course progress

Theoretical preparation

Theoretical preparation takes place individually with teacher and with the help of the driving school textbook.


Practical training consists of 28 hours of 45 minutes.
You start training on the latest 3D simulator model, which simulates the behavior of a real Škoda Fabia car. You can also practice driving with an automatic transmission on it.
After familiarization with the vehicle and driving on the simulator, you continue in the training parking lot out of traffic and then move on to real traffic with varying intensity.
You plan all trips in your teacher's calendar.
Our aim is that they completed the entire training on one specific vehicle, with one teacher.

Control test

You take the control e-tests in the Moje-autoškola application, to which the driving school gives you access.

In order to access the practical rides, you must first pass the admissions test

In order to be admitted to the final exams, it is necessary to complete a total of 100 tests during the course with a passing grade of min. 85%.

Your instructor has access to the results of your tests, so they can check the progress of your studies.


The exams consist of two parts:
Road traffic rules test - max. 30 min.
(Passing the test is a qualifying criterion for admission to the practical driving test.)
The test consists of 25 questions generated from a set of approximately 900 questions.
From a practical drive with the vehicle under the supervision of the examiner - min. the duration of the test drive is 30 minutes.

You have 3 attempts for each part of the test, in case of failure of one part of the test, it is necessary to complete the failed part in full at the driving school.
The test should take place no later than 15 days after the date of your last ride.
The date of the exam is assigned by the City Hall. city of Prague. Exams are usually held twice a month.
If you fail the test on road traffic rules, you cannot be admitted to the second part of the test, to practical driving, until you successfully pass a new test on the alternative date.
The deadline for successfully passing remedial exams is a maximum of 12 months starting from the date of the first regular exam.


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